Green Cleaning

Watch the video and learn about Rite Way's committment to green cleaning.

Having a well maintained and thoroughly cleaned facility doesn’t mean that you can’t also be environmentally responsible. A key component of our approach to properly maintaining your facility is making sure that we share your commitment to protecting our environment through environmentally safe commercial cleaning. It’s important to you, so it only stands to reason that it should be important to your maintenance partner as well. We know how vital it is to maintain our facilities to high standards while we also appreciate the need to feel good about the way in which they are maintained. It’s the right thing to do, and Rite Way knows how to do it using eco-friendly alternatives. It is possible to have your facility well maintained and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Green Cleaning starts with our training program. From day one, cleaners are taught the importance of maintaining your facility in the most environmentally positive way. An environmentally safe product that isn’t applied properly can have a negative impact on our environment, so it’s important to select a partner who knows the best way to handle Green Cleaning. We don’t just take the time to teach our employees how to do it right, we also monitor their results and continually coach them on ways to get better.

A commitment to a sustainable cleaning program isn’t difficult; it just requires a focus on the details. From using the right mop that reduces the number of dust microns emitted into the air to selecting the most effective cleaning products that cause minimal CO2 discharge, we know how to choose the right products to make sure your facility is as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s the little differences that make Rite Way uniquely qualified to pay attention to the important details in cleaning, and you can trust us to be in tune with the small details that make the job go right.

One Green Cleaning example happened in 2009 when we converted a multi-tenant, Class “A” office building of over five hundred thousand square feet to a more environmentally friendly status. We trained our employees on the proper ways of using flat mop systems instead of traditional cotton mop heads; microfiber cloths instead of cotton rags; and HEPA filtered backpack vacuums instead of upright models. Additionally, we replaced paper dispensers with more environmentally friendly units, installed unbleached consumable paper, and began using only Green Seal certified cleaning agents. This is just one example of helping customers become more “Green.” We have other stories of working with customers to achieve Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification; and in 2010 we achieved ISSA’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Building (CIMS-GB) with Honors.

Finally, Green Cleaning doesn’t have to cost you more green. There is a perception that “going Green” costs you more, but that simply isn’t the case at Rite Way. With the technological advances and product enhancements available today, we can clean and maintain your facility without breaking the bank. We know you have cost concerns that must be in balance with your desire to operate an environmentally responsible facility. As a result, we always strive to offer customers our environmentally sustainable approach as a competitively priced solution. Essentially, we believe that the cost of saving our planet shouldn’t cost you more.